A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs



Downtown Fort Worth TX….a city proudly nicknamed Cowtown! Cowboy hats are always in fashion!


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Wrestling Myself Back to Writing

I love to exercise. When people tell me they would work out if they had time, my immediate thought is…make the time. If you want to do something and it is important to you….make the time. Apparently I don’t listen to my own advice. 

Oh, i make the time to exercise. The area I am struggling with is making time to write. I have been absent from this blog for a few weeks. I’ve had some ideas and I’ve jotted a few notes, but I haven’t taken anything to fruition. I must get back on the horse!

When I initially started this blog I intended to write. However, I quickly realized this could also be an outlet for photography. I have a lot to learn about photography but I enjoy it and decided to start participating in the various challenges. The only problem with that is….I’m not writing. 

So here I sit, frustrated with myself and feeling the need for a kick in the rear. 

I don’t intend to make some grandiose promise….I will write every day for X amount of time. Or, I will post at least X number of times each week.  But I do intend to make a concerted effort to write and post consistently. I will continue participating in the photo challenges. I’ve really gotten to enjoy that piece of blogging. But it is the writing part that I feel is important for me to do…so I must focus!!

If any of you have suggestions for writing challenges that might be helpful for me to follow and participate in I would appreciate the suggestions.

Thank you all for getting this far in my rant (assuming someone got this far!) I look forward to spending more time scrolling through the fantastically creative work of other bloggers and getting the things that are bouncing around in my head out of my head and onto the page!


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Water – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Water, constantly changing.

It can be quiet or overwhelmingly loud.

It can be soft or hard, warm or cold.

It can save a person’s life or it can take a person’s life. 

It reflects the rocks and trees and incorporates their beauty to enhance its own.

It is precious to all life…we must guard it, appreciate it and conserve it….allow it to flow for many generations to come.

water - chub

water - rapids

water - Aubry Falls

water rocks water still

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While on our recent trip to the wilderness of Northern Ontario I found myself intrigued by the moss. I live in Texas so our climate is extremely dry…not a good environment for the production of moss!

Here are a few pictures I took of the moss I found during my wilderness hikes. They seem appropriate for this week’s challenge…texture.

texture - moss 1

Texture - moss 2

texture - moss 3

texture - 4

I like the multiple textures in this final picture. A peek into the pristine water – to find pebbles, moss, sand, sticks….each with its own texture and its own purpose…all sharing space.

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Zig – Zag


zig zag 2

The Daily Post – Weekly Challenge. To learn more about the weekly challenge click here

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal or the season Autumn. To read more about Cee’s Foto Challenge click here

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You know that noise you hear when the power goes out?

Yes, silence!

If we are home alone and the house is quiet we assume what we are hearing is silence. When in fact what we are hearing is the lack of voices, televisions, radios, etc. We are not hearing silence. Silence is that noise that happens when the power goes off and the white noise is absent.

I experienced silence this past week in a totally natural way. We vacationed in Northern Ontario. Also known as the North woods or the bush. 

One day I hiked up Rock Candy Mountain. When I reach the top I was surrounded by nature and silence. Standing on this massive rock I could see for miles. My view was a blanket of trees, with patches of blue water and a patch work of blue sky and white clouds. A large black raven soared in front of me…I was in his space. 

Silence Rock Candy Mountain

On a different day I paddled the canoe to the other side of the lake and watched the sunset. It seemed as though the sun was sharing its magnificent beauty just with me. The sun and me, surrounded by silence as he slipped out of sight.

sunset Kegos

sunset #2 Kegos

sunset #3 Kegos

Silence….powerful, comforting, soothing…it may lack noise, but it holds much peace.

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If My Dog…….


If my dog could read (and talk) she would probably say….”I don’t smoke and I don’t have a pet….What is the problem?!”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

These colorful containers are at a local sheltered workshop that employees adults with developmental disabilities. The clients participated in creating this colorful flowerbed.


IMG_2811 IMG_2812


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What I Found on Wood


A really big green bug



A lizard trying really hard to become the wood


Photos inspired by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood or Season of Spring. To read more about this challenge click here

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