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Thursday Doors

Each week bloggers from around the world share photos of doors. Old doors, new doors, short doors and tall doors.

I love this challenge and think of it often. Sadly many Thursdays fly by before I realize I missed yet another week. I actually downloaded my photos for this week’s challenge several days ago….and still I almost missed it! Fortunately Norm 2.0 gives us until Saturday at noon (Eastern Time) to get our doors posted and shared.

I tend to gravitate toward old doors, worn doors and even doors with no way of reaching them…like the two I am sharing today…second floor doors, without stairs.

second floor doordoor with no stairs

Both photos taken in Snyder Texas. Hopefully both buildings are being refurbished and not just torn down.

If you would like to join the fun or just want to see a bunch of door photos stop by Norm 2.0 for a visit.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Birds

This week Cee has asked us to share photos of birds.

We were lucky enough to meet this guy in the Alaskan Rainforest Sanctuary. He was injured and is no longer able to survive in the wild. It was an amazing moment to be so close to such a majestic creature.



If you would like to see how others interpreted Cee’s challenge…simply visit her page.

Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Z

This week Cee has challenged us to share photos that have the letter Z or photos of people or animals catching Zzz’s.

I chose animals sleeping because I love taking pictures of my pups sleeping….so I had plenty to choose from.

FHS sleep

After a day at Doggy-Daycare!

Sandye sleep 1

Sandye wants to be held while we play cards…but she never stays awake!

Sandye sleep 2

Sandye, sleeping

Sandye sleep 3

Surprise…Sandye sleeping

If you would like to see how others interpreted this challenge, visit Cee’s page.