Cee’s B & W Challenge: Letters A & B

The letters A & B…this is what Cee wants pictures of this week.

The Bass Performance Hall is the home of the Fort Worth Symphony, Texas Ballet Theater, Fort Worth Opera and the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. dsc_0475

The angels on the side of the building are 48 feet tall. They are a unique feature of downtown Fort Worth. dsc_0483

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Micro Park – Fort Worth Texas

This micro-park is at the corner of Magnolia Ave and Henderson Street in the Near Southside of Fort Worth.

dsc_0500Over the past decade this neighborhood has converted into a popular place to live, play and eat. dsc_0535

As I researched the beginnings of this park I learned it is mobile. Its original location (where it currently sits) is an empty lot that happened to be dormant. When the owner of the lot is ready to build, the Micro-Park will be packed up and moved to another location that is in need of sprucing up. dsc_0504

The features are simplistic, colorful and functional.dsc_0510

Gravel dropped through the PVC pipes, milk crates to climb and stack and stove parts to clang.


I think this is a wonderful little park that requires imagination and promotes activity. I look forward to seeing where its next location will be.


A Good Match…

I’ve given quite a bit of thought to this photo challenge. “A Good Match” I’ve searched my photo library, considered several ideas but finally I settled on what I consider to be the best match…my partnership with Tina.

She is the piece I was missing. She is the joy in my everyday. She is the hope and dreams of my future. And on August 20th 2015 she became my wife.

So for me…the good match, is the greatest match, I could’ve asked for.


Tina and me

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match.

Against the Odds…

The Daily Post, weekly photo challenge, is to share the unexpected.

The most recent unexpected event I could think of was our visit to Celestun, Yucatan to see real live flamingos. Not flamingos that stand around in a pond at the zoo…but real live flamingos, in the wild, in their own habitat, with their families and their friends…NOT surrounded by screaming children with nowhere to go and nowhere to fly. img_5757

Fortunately, for the flamingos, the boat we hired  was only allowed to get within a certain distance. Unfortunately for my photography we couldn’t get closer. img_5635

I could have watched these pink creatures all day. Tina and I both have a long standing love for these unique creatures. So having the opportunity to see hundreds of them at one time was a dream come true. img_5530