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Thursday Doors – March 9, 2017


Since finding this challenge I have learned something valuable about myself. I love two types of doors.

One: the entrances to large beautiful churches


St. Mary’s of the Assumption – Fort Worth Texas

Two: Old abandon buildings


Abandon building South Fort Worth

It seems I might have missed the middle ground!

This challenge is sponsored by Norm 2.0.┬áCome join the fun…you will start seeing doors in a whole new light.





A Splash of Color

Here in Texas Spring is right around the corner.

I present proof..The Texas Red Bud (one of my favorite trees) is blooming. screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-7-42-39-pm

Since everything around it is still dormant I decided to use my new Photoshop skills to bring out a splash of color.

Happy first day of March!